One of the great privileges given to us by our Lord is the joy of spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God. Naturally, in the local church, most of the mission focus is local. Although, to be faithful, the local church is called into trans-local mission as well.

Our Vision

The vision of the International Missions work of St. Andrew’s is to transform communities with the compassion of Christ by partnering with churches, international Christian agencies and indigenous peoples. In support of our vision the International Missions Team initiates and coordinates the mission efforts of St. Andrew’s. We currently have a presence in 11 countries of the world! We would love to have you join us in this work!

Our Mission

St. Andrew’s engages in international mission work with the aim to transform communities with the compassion of Christ. We seek to accomplish this in the following ways:

  • To proclaim the good news to unreached people groups
  • To encourgage the indigenous faithful by providing ministry and training
  • To partner with churches as well as indigenous and international Christian agencies to do works of service, i.e., offering medical/dental services, building schools, training local business leaders and working with them to create micro-finance opportunities, establishing water purification systems, and of course, assisting with spiritual development.

Our Strategy

It’s a big world! In the face of staggering human need and a myriad of Christian agencies and opportunities, how do we decide where we will invest our energies and resources? Primarily, through a network of relationships.

These relationships establish our priorities. Therefore, we have developed three levels of mission partnership and engagement which give shape to the manner in which funding and resourcing are determined and distributed.

Additionally, we proactively aim to develop and send both individuals and couples as missionaries into various settings and locations.

Our four-fold strategy may be understood as follows:

1. Level One Partnerships

Partnerships established at this level have a regional and/or national focus and usually come about at the invitation of a bishop, archbishop and may have governmental approval. Parnterships at this primary level usually involve a multi-year commitment.

We currently have two partnerships which fit this category. They are:

Uganda. At the invitation of Archbishop of Henry Orombi St. Andrew’s has established an ongoing partnership with the Office of the Archbishop to assist with leadership development, business development and medical development.

Liberia. At the invitation of St. Thomas Parish in Monrovia, and supported by governmental officials in the capital city, St. Andrew’s has established a partnership with the leaders in Monrovia.

2. Level Two Partnerships

Level Two partnerships have a more local focus and are usually developed between St. Andrew’s and a local church or agency in a foreign country. Level Two partnerships usually involve a multi-year commitment.

We currently have several partnerships which fit this category. They are:

Bishop Miguel Uchoa and the Diocese of Recife, Brazil.

Suzy Mcall and the Lamb Institute in Honduras.

Caleb and Louise King in Rwanda.

3. Level Three Partnerships

While we encourage St. Andrew’s members to focus their energies within our Level One and Level Two partnerships we realize that individual interests may rest elsewhere. Therefore, desiring to encourage members of St. Andrew’s to pursue opportunities in countries or with agencies outside of our Level One and Two partnerships, we seek to bless and release individual members to pursue their interests.

The partnerships at this Level Three category are between St. Andrew’s and its members. Level Three partnerships often have a very specific and localized focus and are initiated and led by individual members with the blessing and support of our International Missions Team. While most of these parishioner initiated trips are “one off” trips, it is not uncommon for a partnership to develop that results in multiple return visits.

4. Raising Up Missionaries

One last dimension of our mission strategy is the identification, equipping and sending of both short-term and long-term missionaries into the world. Short-term mission trips often last 7-14 days. Additionally, St. Andrew’s has developed and implemented a discernment process whereby men and women may explore and test their “call” to long-term mission work.

For More Information

If you would be interested in learning more about international missions or mission opportunities contact Anthony Kowbeidu (AKowbeidu@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4327).