Connecting Your Phone to St. Andrew’s Hearing Assistance

Enable Wi-Fi on your phone and connect to _SAMP Hearing Assist. (Screenshots are from an iPhone. Other phones and tablets work in a similar manner.)

You may download the app before you arrive at church but you’ll need to wait until you connect to the _SAMP Hearing Assist wifi network in order to finish setting up the app for your use..

Download the Listen Everywhere app on your device.

Google Play

Download Listen Everywhere for Android.

The App Store

Download Listen Everywhere for iPhone.

Open Listen Everywhere. 

The app will look for the St. Andrew’s broadcast. Allow the app to connect to devices on the network.

Once connected, you’ll see this screen. Click the menu icon (3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and then chose Settings.

Turn off “Play in stereo if available.” The screen should look as it does here. If you skip this step, you’ll only hear audio in one ear.

Click on the menu icon again and choose “Audio”.

Tap on the icon labeled “Ministry Ctr” and the screen will look as it does here. At this point you should hear audio through your hearing aids or headphones.