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At St. Andrew’s we believe that women and men are made expressly to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Him. We also know that faith can come hard and that many people have honest questions about God and faith. We welcome both skeptics and believers to wrestle through the challenges of life along with their questions, doubts and objections around the Christian faith.

We come from every church tradition, while others of us didn’t attend church at all as children and are surprised to find ourselves encountering God through the church. We range in age from newborn to over 90, with an average age around 33. A few of us have attended St. Andrew’s since childhood and have raised our own children here. Most others are new to the area and have found a home here.

We seek to present to all people the good news of Jesus Christ both intellectually and experientially; we are committed to Truth; we listen to God’s Word; we feed the poor and take in the lost and we seek to demonstrate God’s mercy both at home and around the world.

You are warmly invited to join the conversation – and the lives – of those who have come here seeking hope and encouragement. Together we seek to grow in grace, faith, love, and work in unity for the flourishing of our community.
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