There is a need, deeply imbedded in human beings, to honor and give thanks to God for the life of a loved one. We believe that a Christian funeral service has as its centerpiece the remembrance of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, His victory over death and sin, and His promises to bring to Himself those who die in the faith and to comfort those who grieve.

When a family member dies, the family should contact the church as soon as possible to report the death and in order to make arrangements for a funeral or other service. All funeral planning is done with the Rev’d John Burley.

Contact Us

No matter which campus or service you regularly attend, we do ask you to contact the main church office in the case of a member’s death by calling 843.284.4310. If there is no answer or after normal working hours, please call the Rev’d John Burley (843.284.4326).

Planning for Funerals

Planning for a funeral is much like writing a will – it is a gift to your family. When they understand your desires, planning becomes much easier at a time of great grief and stress. To assist you with this, we’ve developed a two-page planning guide. We suggest you review the items to consider with your family. Once you’re done with the planning guide, we suggest you file a copy with your will and other important papers and file one copy with the church office.

If you would like to discuss your plans with a member of the clergy, please contact Marshall Carter (MCarter@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4324).


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