Domestic Missions at St. Andrew’s

Domestic mission is any endeavor aimed toward the goal of reaching beyond the needs of the local congregation for the purposes of fulfilling the great Commission – by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ making disciples and relating to the whole need of mankind, both spiritual and physical.

Domestic Missions targets work local to Charleston County and in three of the four categories of people listed in Acts 1:8.

  • Jerusalem (the natural spheres of influence of the church),
  • Judea (geographically near, culturally similar people),
  • Samaria (geographically near, culturally different people),
  • Ends of the earth (geographically distant, culturally different people) This group is covered by our International Missions program.

Funding Domestic Missions

The purpose of funding domestic missions is to help connect people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ.

Our priority is to support Christian organizations, but this effort is not just limited to those organizations with a documented Christian foundation. We recognize that local faith-based ministries offer the best opportunities to change lives and provide an opportunity for others to develop and grow their faith. Additionally, these partner organizations can provide a place for our parishioners to practice Matthew 28:19-20 mission work.

Factors Influencing Funding

Funding will be recommended for a partner organization after prayerful consideration of the application by the St. Andrew’s local missions committee. The following factors will be part of the deliberation process:

  • Goals and purposes of the partner organization
  • Support to physically or spiritually needy in our community
  • Gospel focus – directly or indirectly
  • Relief of human suffering
  • Respects the dignity of individuals
  • Documented record of good stewardship
  • Inclusion in Charity Navigator
  • Transparent annual report
  • Project to expense ratio of 85% or greater
  • Accountability
    • A willingness to provide detailed reports of the projects and outcomes enabled by resources provided by St. Andrew’s.
    • Willingness to allow St. Andrew’s parishioners to meet with persons helped
    • Involvement of St. Andrew’s or other local church members as staff or volunteers

Domestic Missions Application Process

To apply for Domestic Missions funding from St. Andrew’s Church, submit the following information, in writing, to The Rev’d Anthony Kowbeidu via email (AKowbeidu@StAndrews.Church). The application information should be attached as a single document as either a PDF or MS Word document.

Please include the following information in the document:

  • Organization Name
    • Physical and mailing addresses\
    • Telephone number
    • Web address
    • Email address
  • Contact Person
    • Role in the organization
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
  • Mission of the Organization
  • Assistance Requested
    • Describe any specific need. Include funding, volunteer, and in-kind donation requests.
    • For funding to support ongoing ministry work note the amount and a description of the planned usage
  • A statement that the organization is ready to provide reports to St. Andrew’s Church detailing the outcomes of the expenditures of resources provided.