The Columbarium at St. Andrew’s

The Church has for centuries incorporated a graveyard as a part of their grounds. Because of limited space, St. Andrew’s has a Columbarium instead of a graveyard. The burial of the faithful dead around the church reflects the centrality of the Christian faith and parish in the life of the community. As Christians, we hold to a hope of which our Columbarium will be a daily reminder; namely, all things save one shall pass away: only the Gospel of Christ and His victory over the grave remains.

The information is meant to provide the reader with an overview of inurnment at St. Andrew’s. For complete information about the Columbarium, please download the frequently asked questions and the complete rules and regulations concerning the Columbarium.

Eligibility to Be Inured

Parish members of St. Andrew’s Church, members of the immediate family of parish members, and, with the approval of the Rector and/or the St. Andrew’s Church Land Trust, former parish members and friends of the parish may have their cremated remains placed (inurned) within the St. Andrew’s Columbarium. Membership is defined as a baptized person whose name is entered on the rolls of the church, who is a giver of record for at least one year before making application are eligible to purchase a “Certificate of Right of Inurnment” in the Columbarium. 


Fee to be paid before niche selection.

Category One: Parishioners of Record

  • Single inurnment costs $1,700
  • Double inurnment costs $2,800

Category Two: Individuals who are past members of the Church:

  • Single inurnment costs $2,500 
  • Double inurnment costs $3,500

At the time of inurnment, a fee, currently $325, will be paid for the memorial niche marker with the decedent’s name, birth date, and death date.

Purchasing the Certificate of Right of Inurnment

If you are interested in inurnment in the Columbarium, please contact Marshall Carter, the Rector’s Personal Assistant (MCarter@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4324) and we will send you the application for Certificate of Right of Inurnment and the current Columbarium Rules and Regulations. Read the materials carefully, complete the application, and make an appointment to meet with the Rector’s Personal Assistant or designated person who will help complete the form. Once the Land Trust receives the completed application and payment, a niche can be selected.

More Information

Contact Lewis Middleton at the St. Andrew’s Land Trust Office (LMiddleton@StAndrews.Church or 843.284.4327).