The History of Fishin’ for a Mission

In 2005, several people at St. Andrew’s Church who had traveled to developing countries came together to discuss their recent trips. They all sensed the same longing to share their stories with their neighbors. Out of their desire to tell about what God was doing around the world, the Fishin’ for a Mission tournament was born.

Every year, St. Andrew’s hosts a Fishing Tournament along with a Banquet and Auction which benefit our International Missions Partners. All of the money raised goes overseas; the administrative costs of the event are borne by the church.

The Work of Fishin’ for a Mission

Over $1 million dollars has been raised by Fishin’ for a Mission (F4M) since its inception. The money raised by F4M has been used to:

  • Build and support a school serving over 300 students in Brewerville, Liberia. The children at the school were born in a refugee camp established by the United Nations in the town of Brewerville as a result of the Liberian civil war. We currently have two long-term missionaries, Sonny and Shawn DuPre, in Liberia working at our school.
  • Build homes and schools in Honduras for orphans and provided various types of training to children coming from the streets.
  • Partner with Samaritan’s Purse, Water Mission and other NGO (non governmental organizations) in West Africa to combat the Ebola virus.
  • Partner with Water Mission to bring safe drinking water to people in developing countries, countries hit with natural disasters, and countries affected by war and civil unrest.
  • Help fund, in Rwanda, a primary school, a medical clinic, a water treatment plant, and a small-scale hydroelectric dam.
  • Help build a guest house and conference center in Burundi which will help fund additional work in that country as well as provide jobs for the local population.
  • Partner with OneWorld Health in Uganda, to begin a ministry there that included building 4 medical clinics in Uganda, in the middle of a region inundated with both IDPs and refugees from South Sudan. Also established 7 medical clinics and 1 mobile clinic in Nicaragua.
  • Partner with OneWorld Health to continue to expand their mission of providing quality, affordable, sustainable health care to people in developing countries.
  • Kenya – We support an agriculture ministry to the local church called Just Earth. We also support the Christ’s Gift academy in Mbita, Kenya.
  • Brazil – We help build and still support the House of Hope Children home in Brazil.

2024 Fishin’ for a Mission Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

  • Bill and Rennie Maddux
  • J. Mikell & Elizabeth Murray
  • RL Morrison & Sons
  • Ron and Rosalind Banks
  • Clawson & Staubes
  • Apogee Partners
  • Robert and Greg Royall

Silver Sponsors

  • Emilie Aimar
  • Dr. Marilyn Hendrix
  • Old South Carriage
  • Royall Hardware
  • Beth & Keith Tibboel