Toddlers and Twos

Our Toddlers and Twos program offers a fun, caring environment where children learn through play and age-appropriate activities. Our goal is to create an environment where the children can form positive relationships with their peers and teachers. It is in those relationships where we can teach the youngest of children about Jesus’ love for them.

Our Day

In the toddler class we teach through song, play and example. We strive to provide a loving, nurturing environment where the children feel safe and happy so they can learn new things and gain confidence. Socialization and learning how to communicate with peers and adults other than their parents are a big part of the classroom experience. They enjoy inside play, outside play, a light snack, craft time and circle time.

The two-year-old class is a wonderful bridge from home to preschool and is for many children their first experience in a school program. A typical day in the twos includes free play, a craft, snack time, circle time and outdoor play. During circle time the children sing songs and learn the hand motions. They also learn about the alphabet, colors, and numbers.

Class Information

Toddler Class

Ages 12-23 months; Student to Teacher Ratio of 4:1.

Toddler Class Options

3 day class (M/W/F)
2 day class (T/T).
Drop-off is 8:45 and pick-up is 12:00.

Two-Year-Old Class

Ages 24-35 months; Student to Teacher Ratio of 6:1.

Two-Year-Old Class Options

3 day class (M/W/F)
2 day class (T/T)
5 day class (M-F)
Drop-off is 8:45 and pick-up is 12:00.


Children must reach the program age by September 1.

Day School Staff

Day School Leadership

Lauren Vicars

Day School Director

Stephanie Davey

Stephanie Davey

Day School Assistant Director

Day School Leadership

Jorgia Hazelwood

Staff Accountant

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