Preschool Program: Three’s & Four’s

Our preschool program not only prepares children for kindergarten, but celebrates where they are now. We nurture the preschool child’s creativity and curiosity with multi-sensory, hands-on learning.

Our Day

A typical preschool day starts with circle time, where the children gather to listen to stories, sing and participate in large group activities. Their day also includes participating in hands-on activities, art and creative play. The children attend chapel once a week. In addition, the children will participate in music class provided by a Kindermusik teacher once a week.

Our Language Arts curriculum introduces children to the alphabet and environmental print. They will learn to identify upper and lower case letters, letter sounds and letter formation. The children will learn to identify and write letters through ways that are meaningful to them. Children learn to recognize that print has meaning, and to create stories of their own. To build the muscles necessary for writing, fine motor skills are developed through activities such as scissor cutting, coloring, stringing beads, and using play dough. Children learn mathematics readiness through games and activities including sorting, patterns, graphing, measurement, and classifying.

Class Information

Drop-off begins at 8:45 am
Pick-up is 12:30 pm Monday-Thursday & Noon on Fridays.

Three-Year-Old Options

3 days (M/W/F)
4 days (M-Th)
5 days (M-F)

Four-Year-Old Options

4 days (M-Th)
5 days (M-F)


Lunch is served to the children from 12:00 to 12:30. Parents will provide the lunch. If you prefer not to have your child eat lunch at school, you may pick them up at 12:00.

Enrichment Classes

Three’s and four’s will have the option to sign up for enrichment classes from 12:30 to 1:00. Choices may include options such as cooking, Spanish, art, and science classes.


Children must reach the program age by September 1 and must be fully potty trained to attend our Threes, Fours and Kindergarten classes.

Day School Staff

Day School Leadership

Lauren Vicars

Day School Director

Stephanie Davey

Stephanie Davey

Day School Assistant Director

Day School Leadership

Jorgia Hazelwood

Staff Accountant

Contact Mrs. Hazelwood about Day School tuition payments.