In rooms 275 and 276 additional audio controls are find on the rear of the television on the right. The volume for the tv is controlled with the remote. The volume for the speakers in the ceiling is controlled by the knob on the back of the television.

  1. On your device join the SAMP-TV wireless network
    Password: SampTV440
  2. Turn on the TV you want to use
  3. On your device “cast” your screen to an additional displayOn a Mac go to System Preferences > Displays then turn Airplay On
    • On an IOS device go to Control Center (swipe down from top right corner) and turn on Screen Mirroring
    • On an Android device access quick settings (swipe down from the top) and turn on Screen Cast
    • On a PC go to Window > Settings > Displays > Connect to a Wireless Display
  4. Choose the TV from the available list of external displays. It should match the room name or room number.
  5. A PIN number will appear on the TV. Enter the PIN on your device.

Your external TV display should now be working.

If you run into an issue, please contact the front desk for assistance.