August Congregational Letter

Dear St. Andrew’s family,

We write to you as the leaders of the Vestry, the St. Andrew’s Land Trust, and the Imagine 2040 capital campaign to give you an update on the status of our capital campaign. First, though, we wish to say “thank you” to the dozens of men and women across St. Andrew’s who have worked these past seven years to make this project a reality. And most especially, thank you St. Andrew’s family; your support and generosity have been humbling and encouraging.

While the formal end to the Imagine 2040 capital campaign came in June, gifts and pledges have continued to come in over the summer months. We expect gifts to continue to come in over the next few years as new members join St. Andrew’s and are invited to be a part of this exciting work.

As of today, August 22, we have cash and pledges in hand of $6,492,068. That is truly incredible! It became quickly evident as gifts and pledges came in that there is broad support across the congregation for the vision and mission of St. Andrew’s. And so, at our last Vestry business meeting, the Vestry voted to proceed with the building project approving the loan agreement with the bank we will be using for the building project.

We are now in the process of turning a vision and renderings into bricks and mortar. We’ve committed from the beginning to build what we can afford. With the gifts in hand and pledges added to our current ability to finance $6,000,000 of construction costs we now have the financial framework for the project.

The Planning Committee is working with our architects and builders to complete the construction drawings which will be submitted to the town for final approval. We anticipate the drawings to be completed by early fall and that the permitting process will take 4-6 months.

If you would like to know more about the Imagine 2040 campaign or make a gift to the campaign visit our website,, or contact one of us.

Again, thank you for your generous participation! Please continue to keep this process and our parish in your prayers.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Mary Graham, Sr. Warden, Vestry
Bill Maddux, Chairman, Imagine 2040 campaign
Edmund Frampton, Chairman, St. Andrew’s Land Trust
Steve Wood, Rector