BlueprintsDear St. Andrew’s family,

If you are new to St. Andrew’s you may not know it but we are at the front-end of a building campaign called Imagine 2040.  If you do know about Imagine 2040, it is helpful to have a bit of a review.

Throughout our history God has blessed this church.  He has blessed us with ministry opportunities. He has blessed us with resources.  And He has especially blessed us with people. A great challenge has been to steward the numerical growth we’ve experienced over the past 17 years which has made our current building facilities unable to accommodate our present needs.  And so, for the better part of the last decade the leadership of this church has invited the congregation to think and pray about how we faithfully steward the gifts that the Lord has given us; how we grow the Kingdom – how we best connect people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.  The result of this time of congregational reflection, prayer, and discussion, is the realization that our best course of action lies in expanding our facilities in order to increase our opportunity and capability to grow disciples, invest in youth and children, serve our community, send out missionaries and plant new congregations. And, we recognize that each one of us has a part to play in growing the Kingdom of God.

With that as a backdrop, here’s where we are today:

  • After many months of working with the Town of Mt. Pleasant, all permitting for the construction of our new building has been secured.
  • Demolition of the old Day School building is set to begin April 23rd.
  • A website has been created to give you an overview of the Imagine 2040 project ( including artist renditions of the new facilities.
  • With the permits in hand and actual site work set to begin, a communication team has been established to provide regular congregational updates in both writing and visual displays.
  • Once our site is prepared we will have a formal ground-breaking ceremony in late May/early June.
  • Lewis Middleton has been appointed as the project coordinator.

To date, considering the cash on hand and the pledged amount to the Imagine 2040 campaign we have $7,500,000.  If you did not have the opportunity to participate in the Imagine 2040 campaign or if you would like more information about the building project, please feel free visit our Imagine 2040 website (, or you may contact Lewis Middleton (843.284.4347).

On behalf of the Vestry and St. Andrew’s Land Trust,

I am yours in Christ,

Steve Wood
Bishop, Diocese of the Carolinas
Rector, St. Andrew’s Church