Frequently Asked Questions

Is any housing available through the church?

St Andrew’s will work with all applicants to provide a host home with a congregant, free of charge, for the duration of the MAP year. Naturally, locating accommodation is more feasible for singles than for married applicants. If you have questions, reach out to the Director, Sam Fornecker (SFornecker@StAndrews.Church).

Is this for me?

The Ministry Apprenticeship Pathway (MAP) is a strategic gap year for emerging adults in between secular employment or employment in the church (worship arts, youth, young adults, etc.), and formal theological education. For some, it may be a gap year in between seminary and a permanent ministry post. As a course of vocational lens-grinding, the MAP may also be of interest for men or women desiring to recalibrate, refresh, or reform their pastoral ministries. Selection is based on the objective of the  MAP, to raise up full-time gospel workers, in accordance with the Constitutions and Canons of the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas.

How intense is this?

The MAP is an extremely rigorous course of spiritual, vocational, and pastoral formation.

What will success look like? What about failure?

Success looks like an apprentice, grown in character, wisdom, and skill, and deployed for full-time gospel work, ideally in local churches, university ministries, or church plants.

Failure looks like flagrant neglect of the privilege of participation in the MAP. The Apprenticeship Director retains the right to de-admit any Apprentice at any time. Reasons for de-admission would include chronic absenteeism, neglect, breaking confidentiality, or misconduct in accordance with the employment policies established in the St Andrew’s Employee Handbook.

Can this be done virtually or part-time?

No. Apprentices, and the pastors and scholar-theologians who walk alongside them, will regularly worship and pray together, engage in ministry together, and even share one another’s lives. An experience of that “density” cannot be without full engagement in one time and place.

How much time should I plan to invest?

The MAP is a full-time post in gospel-work. During some seasons, when the ministry calendar is lighter, our days will look more flexible. During busier seasons, we will work longer days together. Every day, we will work hard. Apprentices will also learn to enjoy the freedoms that come with gospel work, such as the ability to do our grocery shopping when others are at work. Recognizing such privileges reminds the diligent gospel worker never to complain about how busy we are!

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