Bible Study

Don’t just take our word for it . . . take His! We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon: Matthew 3.1-17; Mark 1.7-11; Luke 3.1-23; John 1.29-34

Sermon Outline & Discussion Questions

  1. What did John’s baptism symbolize?
  2. If not for repentance, why then did Jesus receive John’s baptism?
  3. What does it mean to say that Jesus is the baptizer with the Holy Spirit?
  4. What am I to do with this?

Audio & Video

You can listen to the sermon by using the player below or via the St Andrew’s Sermon Podcast on iTunes and Spotify

Resources Cited/Consulted

  • BST: Matthew: Michael Green
  • TNTC: Matthew, RT France
  • TNTC: Mark, Alan Cole
  • TNTC: Luke, Leon Morris
  • TNTC: John, Colin Kruse
  • BST: John, Bruce Milne
  • Receive the Spirit, Adrian Warnock
  • Come Holy Spirit, David Pytches
  • Back to the Upper Room, Chuck Irish


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Audio and Video