Bible Study

Don’t just take our word for it . . . take His! We would encourage you to spend time examining the following Scriptures that shaped this sermon: Psalm 46: 1-13; Luke 2: 8-10

Sermon Outline

  • As we feel the challenge of the unknown and the unexplored this new year, “fear not” God is in control.
  • Let us learn to depend on God and not in our own sufficiency in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Sermon Questions

  1. What are you anxious about this coming year?
  2. What is the root of your fear?
  3. Who are you relying upon?
  4. What an opportunity to totally depend on God Almighty?


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Audio & Video

You can listen to the sermon by using the player below or via the St Andrew’s Sermon Podcast on iTunes and Spotify.